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My rating theory

2009-08-17 16:49:14 by Davoo

If you feel I have hated or loved your movie/game/song/art based on the score I gave it in my review, listen up; this is what I meant.

10 -- Sublime, more than flawless; it's a revolution
9 -- Excellent, a milestone of Newgrounds, perfect in almost every way
8 -- Great, not mind-blowing, but great
7 -- Very good, it either has some fresh concepts, or does the old concepts well
6 -- Good, forgettable, but good
5 -- So so, either the ideas weren't executed right, or there weren't any good ideas to execute, but it's still decent
4 -- Sucky, at least one thing about it is severely wrong
3 -- Bad, riddled with tons of gripes, or hardly any effort seemed to be put into it
2 -- Very bad, nothing about it is decent at all
1 -- Terrible, not only is nothing decent, but everything is as bad as it could possibly be, and/or it serves absolutely no purpose on the portal
0 -- Anti-matter, it's just... nothing. Nothing's there.


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2009-08-19 21:49:52


Davoo responds:

Then feel free to add copy+paste this to your own blog if you want to.


2009-08-20 15:18:13


Davoo responds:

Um... it's great to see that people agree. =)


2009-08-21 11:27:54

Its good to see some people take flash reviews this seriously, very accurate!

Davoo responds:

Warning, most of my earlier reviews (from back when I was even stupider) are really, really bad. Sooo, thanks though.


2009-08-21 14:09:40

I agree.

(my flash scored Very-good? Awesome!)

Davoo responds:

Yes indeed, it was very good.


2009-08-21 21:28:49

ur funny!

Davoo responds:

Um, okay, thanks, haha. *rolls eyes*


2009-08-23 16:00:10

This is exactly how it should go. Im glad there is someone else on this site that sees things the way there supposed to!!

Davoo responds:

Great, thanks again. (I'm running out of ways to say thanks...)


2009-08-27 14:59:21

who the hell is archris I'm not and alt and I have my own alt

Davoo responds:

Ha ha ha, you've just removed all doubt that you're his alt. XD


2009-09-01 18:33:51

sure ok

Davoo responds:

ok ok ok (I feel so compelled to respond to every comment...)


2009-09-07 23:26:50

you want make a new post now

Davoo responds:

No >.>

.....why do you care?