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2011-09-24 12:53:11 by Davoo

Being over four years old now, this is the oldest account of mine in the entire internet I still have access to. My Nintendo NSider Forums account would take that title, if the site hadn't gone kaput back in 2007.

Just thought I'd say that. I can't believe how inactive I am on here. I thought this was the best website EVER for a time, but have never really been consistently active for a good three years... occasionally I'd slip back in, for like a few weeks, then I'd go right back out again. Even right now, I'm fighting against my attention span to even have the patience to keep writing this journal.


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2011-09-24 14:34:04

yea me to i made an account soooooo long ago but now i came back to give game reviews. i made like 4 years ago